Top 7 Digital Marketers in India 2022

Top 7 Digital Marketers in India 2022

Ever since the pandemic hit us, most of the humans realized how important it is to be digital. Being digital is the need of the hour in today’s world. This article showcases top digital marketers in the field of Digital Marketing who are striving to take India ahead.

A recent study shows that by 2023, the number of active Indian internet users will grow to almost 666 million in India. This clearly shows that a large number of people are shifting online. Technology is progressing day by day and so are the digital sectors for marketing. As living beings, one must adapt and flow with the changing dynamics of the world. The small steps taken now will surely change the future of the business. These changes help in making and building a brand and this then makes its online presence attract more customers. In today’s fast-moving world, Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries. Any business nowadays cannot last without Digital Marketing. At present, there are thousands of industry experts who want to share their knowledge and be a well-known name in this industry.   Here we showcase a few Digital Marketers in India who are taking India ahead through every bit possible through Digital Marketing. 

These Digital Marketers are as follows: –

Sorav Jain, was just 17 years when he decided to walk on the marketing path. Sorav is an agency owner, branding expert, trainer, and Digital Marketing consultant with several award-winning campaigns. Sorav, under the age of 30, has been listed as Top Social Media Marketers by Social Samosa and Global Youth Marketing Forum has awarded him as ‘Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India’. Due to his thirst for training Digital, in September 2019, Sorav started Digital Scholar, India’s first agency-styled Digital Marketing agency. It is located in Chennai and covers more than 12 different modules that touch all the major aspects of Digital Marketing.

Prateek Shah is one of the known Digital Marketers in India and he is also, the founder of Digital Defynd. Along with being a founder, he is a trainer at Google India, Digital Vidya, and many more. He aimed to build a platform for Digital Marketing specialists. He had also launched India’s first student social network ‘Asset Ambassador’. Employees from SBI, CNN-IBN, NTPC, and many more have been attending his workshops.

Aditya Gupta founded Social Samosa in 2011 with Ankita Gaba. Social Samosa is a hub for the Indian Social Media Industry by satisfying all age-old knowledge gaps. He is presently building Kofluence and leads investments at Hustle Partners. He has completed his MBA in Artificial Intelligence: Implication for Business Strategy Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management.

Himanshu Arora is well-known for his Aggressive Marketing in electronic media and he calls himself ‘Marketing Mafia’. He has more than 13 years of experience in this field and is the Co-Founder at Social Panga where they offer end-to-end Digital Marketing services. He is an expert in designing, strategizing, implementing electronic marketing through various strategies and campaigns. He has worked with 50 well-known companies to add to his kitty. He completed his engineering and there learned how to build products in his MBA he learned how to sell them.

Pradeep Chopra is one of the known names in Digital Marketers in India. He graduated from IIT Delhi and soon joined Bandwagon. Later he came across the power of Digital Media in 2000 and since then his love for the medium has just grown. He is well known for starting Digital Vidya Movement to fuel the growth of the Digital Marketing Industry in India. He has taken this platform globally and now expanding the contribution.

Prasant Nilkanta Naidu at present is a Senior Fundraising Consultant – DTV Group (Global). After completing his MCA in Computer Science from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, he worked as a Business Analyst with brands like Black Rock, HSBC, and Oracle. He soon quit his job and followed his passion of getting into Digital Marketing in India. He is the Founder of Lighthouse Insight, a blog turned into a company dealing with the Indian Digital Market requirement.  He wanted to change the dynamics of advertising into digital ideas. He is a blogger and talks about many important aspects of digital space through his blogs. In 2013, Social Media Examiner and Indi Blogger that listed LI in the Top 10 Social Media Blogs

Mridul Kabra, currently Digital Marketing Expert – BNI Global. After achieving a degree in Architecture, he became a Digital Marketer in India to follow his passion. By following his dreams, he is now one of the youngest speakers in national and international institutes. He also speaks as a TEDx speaker. The Best Digital Advertising professional certificate was awarded to Mridul at the annual event and he even stood second in the start-up idea and planning competition which was organized by Rajasthan patrika in Jaipur.  He has expertise in SEO, Blogging, Web Data Analysis, Affiliate Marketing, Content Creation, and Marketing.

 Conclusion: To be a well-known name like the ones mentioned above, one has to run with the latest trends and developments. Digital Marketing being a very lively profession, these people are taking every possible step to transform and modernise the country digitally by inspiring the new generation with the kind of work they do for India. Adding more to the kind of work these marketers are doing, some of them also provide free guidance to Digital Marketing enthusiasts. These mentioned personalities are just a few of the many in this field. We surely have missed out on many names in this article, feel free to add in the comments whom do you feel we should have added?

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