7 best marketing campaigns

7 best marketing campaigns of 2022 you should know in India

Digital Marketing Campaigns are on a rapid pace in today’s marketing trends and they are making a drift from Traditional to Digital Marketing.

It is very important for leading real marketing campaigns with the appropriate customers and initiating them to act or buy. The evolving skills make the way for better digital marketing and best campaigns. Many companies are trying to be unique in the market. With the assistance of new and creative digital marketing campaigns, many brands and services are grabbing the limelight without much efforts. As said, many companies are trying their best, they are also trying to be different in the marketing strategies to sell their products and services. There are 2 types of marketing campaigns. One is Traditional Marketing Campaigns and the other is Digital Marketing Campaigns. The term “Digital Marketing” refers to marketing that takes place exclusively only online. To increase sales, companies apply various marketing strategies, including advertising, market research. Companies have access to ample marketing tools. In today’s world, Digital Marketing has taken the world by storm and Digital Marketing is the booming sector.

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign?

A company’s online marketing strategies to bring in more engagement, followers, revenue, and many more aspects are known as a digital marketing campaign. Executing a marketing strategy across various digital channels or social media sites by offering an opportunity for customers to get associated with the product is a digital marketing campaign. This step brings in more conversion rate to the business by implementing the strategies.

A decade back, when the digital world was upcoming, traditional marketing campaigns were a major source of advertisement for companies. Both traditional and digital marketing campaigns come with their own benefits and differences.

Difference between traditional and digital campaign

Traditional Marketing Campaigns have different phases like Interest, Awareness, Desire, Decision and it is mostly done through word-of-mouth publicity. In earlier days it was mainly through classified advertisements. Talking about the booming Digital Marketing campaigns, these campaigns are performed by Planning, Conversations, Content, and Sequels. The major difference in these campaigns is that both are performed in different spaces. One is majorly performed online and the other is completely offline.

While comparing both these marketing campaigns, there have been several advanced changes in both categories to capture the attention of the audience. There are speedy movements in current marketing trends, and hence this market is making meaning of its own from traditional to digital marketing.

The main and most important difference between traditional and digital campaigns is the channel that reaches the customers. While discussing the traditional campaign, they opt for traditional media such as hoardings, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc. But, when we go through digital marketing campaigns, they use means like websites, social media sites, online sources, etc. to reach the potential consumer.

Best Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Samsung TV campaign for Samsung Service: The most talked marketing campaign was about the Samsung’s 4-minute film that created a digital moss. This campaign was released on YouTube and had gathered 18 million views in 6 days. This was the most watched marketing campaign. This particular campaign was designed for visually challenged people. Samsung has risked to take an unusual step, and motivated the emotional quotient of viewers with its latest campaign ‘#SamsungService’. This particular campaign was a part of initiative to take customer service to doorstep in both rural and urban India.
  2. CRED’s #indiranagarkagunda campaign: In the Cred’s ad campaign #indiranagarkagunda, A renowned cricketer Rahul Dravid has showcased his different side of anger. The ad film featured actor and CRED-favourite Jim Sarbh along with Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid in a never-seen-before avatar. Rahul Dravid impressed everyone in this campaign and this campaign is one of the best among few of them.
  3. Cadbury’s Kuch Khaas Hai: The Cadbury campaign was very famous in 90’s where the girl starts running while eating the Cadbury Chocolate when her partner scores in the cricket match. While here in this decade, this campaign by Ogilvy India started a conversation on nostalgia and gender equality. The campaign reversed the gender roles and normalised men showing emotions and cheering for their women partners.
  4. Unacademy #TeachThemYoung: As the world shift to digitalization, the online education as a category is among the largest campaigns today. Unacademy underlined the need to unlearn some ingrained beliefs with this campaign and learn what runs the development today. With the campaign they gave a hashtag which completes the campaigns in digital world #TeachThemYoung.
  5. Star Sports Network’s #YehIndiaKaFootballHai: With every category growing in the digital industry, the premier football league in the country has also established the inherent growth of Indian football stars. Star Sports network, the official broadcaster of the football tournament, celebrated the true passion of fans coming together to support their teams, cities, and favourite stars in the league through its campaign- ‘Yeh India Ka Football Hai as the new season of the Hero ISL 2021-22 dawns over the horizon.
  6. Apno Wali Diwali by Amazon Prime Video: Since the world turned digital, everybody is stuck to their screens. Even while the on-going festival seasons, people were seen stuck to their screens. To which Amazon Prime Video came up with a festive campaign that urges its viewers to reconnect with the family and loved ones by pressing the pause on the button while keeping the phones aside.
  7. Nike- Best day ever: Nike represents the future of athletics with the Nike brand as a winning partner. The campaign concentrates on inclusivity and creativity for tomorrow. The important purpose of this campaign was to motivate participants to bring change for future. These new concepts of digital marketing strategies of Nike took it as a global brand. With these campaigns taking the lead, the market value of Nike today is about $28 billion.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing keeps changing by trends, so all the businesses must not only plan for today but also keep a plan for the future with these new trends coming in this fast pace evolving world. Along with the businesses, even the marketers should keep looking for opportunities to partner their marketing strategies with the business.

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